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"Fitness and more specifically, bodybuilding, has been a huge part of my life since I was young. During my active duty military career, I was sidelined from my competition goals following a significant back injury. My road to recovery was slow and painful, including surgery and months of physical therapy – I wasn’t sure if I would ever step foot in a gym again. After what seemed like an eternity of little to no progress, I decided to begin training. That same day, I sat down with Marcus at a local gym and told him my story. I explained the setbacks I had been dealing with, both physically and emotionally, from not being able to train – I felt awful about myself and my personal image. Marcus helped me navigate my return to a fit and healthy lifestyle!


Finding a good trainer is no easy task. That individual needs to be trustworthy, reliable, compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated. They will be with you during the good times but also during your vulnerable times. If you can’t put your trust in them and the process, you’ll find it almost impossible to reach the goals you set. Fortunately, Marcus is all of these things and more! He is a true professional you can TRUST! His wealth of knowledge coupled with his ability to communicate and implement it into an effective training plan makes him an unparalleled trainer at any level.  


I am very grateful for Marcus' attitude toward my rehab and training. He has believed in me at times when I didn’t believe in myself. My fitness journey is far from over but my goals of competing haven’t changed. I owe a lot of my progress to Marcus, I am proud to call him my trainer and my friend!"



-Giovanni Sorrentino

5 stars-

-Erika Sanders

"Seven years ago, I found myself in a dark place, both physically and mentally.  One evening while driving around I decided to stop by a Gold's Gym to check it out and take that first step to getting back to being myself.  That is where I was first introduced to Marcus.  From the first time he worked with me I knew that he was going to be exactly what I needed to get back who I really wanted to be.  During the next three years I absorbed all the information I could so I could continue to become a better version of who I am.  Even to this day I know that I can still reach out to him for advice and guidance."



5 stars-

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